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Before using the website you are advised to carefully read the following terms and conditions. By using the website you are expressing agreement with them. In case you do not agree with stated terms and conditions, we would like to ask you not to use our website www.cvetjeeli.com.

Our website www.cvetjeeli.com (hereinafter referred to as website) is a website and an online shop of company CVETJE ELI d.o.o., ZALOŠKA CESTA 46, 1000 LJUBLJANA, with tax ID number 10389989 and register number 6957960 (hereinafter referred to as provider).

The provider reserves the right to change website conditions. All changes are binding for visitors and customers (hereinafter referred to as users) of the website, therefore, we recommend that you always read the updated terms and conditions prior ordering and / or purchasing (hereinafter referred to as purchase).

The provider binds itself that the website operates in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Data, Code of Obligations, Law on Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature, Law on Copyright and Related Rights, and on the basis of the Chamber of Commerce and international codes for electronic business recommendations.

Contents published on the website are the property of the provider and can only be used for non-commercial purposes. It may not be copied, reproduced or in distributed any other way without the permission of the provider. The provider is not responsible for occasional malfunctions, inaccuracy of information, nor for any damages resulting from the use of inaccurate or incomplete information.


Contact details are available on the website under the tab Contact. All communication in electronic form exchanged between the provider and the user is considered as having been made in writing and has the force of the contract.


Purchase can be made through the website. Other purchase options are described under the tab Delivery.

A purchase means to conclude a sales contract (hereinafter referred to as treaty). For purchases performed through the website, the contract is stored on provider’s server in electronic form.
The contract between the provider and the user of the website is made at the moment when the provider confirms the order (the user receives an email confirming the purchase). From that moment on, all prices and other terms and conditions are fixed and valid for both the provider and the user.
After confirming the purchase, cancellation is only possible through e-mail at least 6 hours prior to the agreed upon delivery in case delivery time was exactly appointed, otherwise, at least 24 hours prior to the delivery date. In this case the provider shall refund the possibly already paid amount, less the costs of remittances and other charges properly assessed and accounted for related costs within two weeks after the user serves them all the information necessary.

Log In

There is no need to register on the website. However, to make a purchase each user must register on the website. After entering one’s details, the user shall receive an email with user name and password, with which he or she shall identify when making a purchase. The password is secret and known only to the user. The user is obliged to ensure that their name and password is only used by them or a person who is authorized to act on her/his behalf.
The provider collect, manages, processes and stores the data obtained exclusively for the purpose of their own business, sending informative materials, proposals, invoices and other necessary communication and in no way offers them to other individuals or legal persons, unless the data are required by a competent national authority with a final decision rendered in carrying out their lawful duties.
Any notice of monthly promotions and promotional electronic messages are clearly and unambiguously labeled as advertisements. The provider is clearly evident. User’s desire not to receive advertising messages and notices on monthly campaigns, shall be taken into account unconditionally.


The terms of delivery are specified under the tab Delivery. Other conditions that would deviate from the agreed should be discussed between the user and the provider separately. When shopping online a fixed price of  12.00€ (inclusive of VAT) is charged for the delivery. For other methods of purchase, the amount of € 1.40 / km (inclusive of VAT) is charged.
The user must provide accurate information on the recipient of the product, service or goods (hereinafter referred to as product) even when the user and the recipient may not be the same, as well as the availability of the recipient for the agreed time and location. In the event that it is not possible to deliver the product to the person authorized to accept the product for the recipient, the recipient is notified via the contact route that was used for the submission of the purchase. The receiver should take the product at provider’s hedquarters within 24 hours of notification.

Prices and Payment

Prices are in Euros, inclusive of VAT. The prices on the website are shown in the description of each product and are valid for the time of purchase and do not have a predetermined time of validity, nor do they include delivery. Prices and payment methods for other methods of purchase are agreed separately.
The user can pay for the product on the website securely with one of the credit cards accepted by the site Activa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron. The payer (user) who is an individual or a legal entity must be the owner of the card. Upon completion of purchase, it is not possible to change the product, final amount, delivery address or other previously agreed upon conditions. Payment is a precondition to making a purchase.

When purchasing by telephone, fax and e-mail, it is possible to pay by Visa or Eurocard credit card, in person with cash, credit or debit card and payment of invoice on the provider’s bank account. You can also pay cash on delivery, when the user is also the recipient and the provider confirms such method of payment. Except in the latter case, received payment is a precondition to making a purchase.

When purchasing online, the provider shall issue an invoice in a printing suitable electronic format. For all other purchase options an invoice is issued in a durable medium (paper). On specific request by the user, an invoice in paper may also be issued for online purchases.

Products and Services – Deviations, Warranty

The provider shall try its best to ensure consistency and currency of information and photographs of products published on the website. The photographs are to be taken in account as symbolic and do not ensure exact product features. The actual product may vary from the photo on the website mainly due to seasonal differences and availability of certain types and colors of flowers at the time of purchase. The provider does not ensure the picture of the product to be identical to the product itself, however, binds itself to provide a product as closely similar to the desired product offered as possible, and to select appropriate flowers or colors of flowers for the event and purpose of the purchase.
Information on possible warranty is also listed on product description page. If there is no information regarding warranty, the product or part of the product does not have a warranty due to its specificity, or the information at the time is unknown. In the latter case, the user can make an inquiry with the provider for specific information.
In case the user evaluates that the product delivered is significantly different from their order (the informative photo of the product), the delivered product may be returned in person to the supplier’s address within 24 hours of delivery. If the delivered product is really significantly different from the one ordered, it shall be replaced with a new one.

Complaints and Appeals

The provider shall try their best to fulfill their duty to establish an effective system for dealing with complaints. Appeals and complaints by users can be sent via e-mail, standard mail or fax. The provider will acknowledge receiving a complaint message within five working days and inform the user how long will it be discussed and always keep the user informed regarding case progress and try to do their best in order for possible disputes to be resolved amicably.


The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect transmission and storage of user’s personal and purchase data. For this purpose, the provider uses 128-bit SSL certificate issued by an authorized organization.

The user him/herself is responsible for safety as well, namely by ensuring protection of their username and password, and by using appropriate software and antivirus protection on their computer.

Child safety

The provider does not accept purchases on the website from someone who is or is suspected to be a child, without having a clearly expressed consent of their parents or guardians. The provider does not offer any content or products on the website that are harmful to children.

Any possible communication intended for children shall be suitable for their age and will not exploit children’s trust, lack of experience or sense of loyalty.