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01 52 46 375
01 52 46 375

For the purpose of planting flowers and performing flower arrangements in our Mercedes Benz showroom we cooperated with Cvetje Eli florists. They took care of advising, choosing appropriate plants, delivery, planting and the arrangement of plants. They are a caring and reliable business partner who performed their service perfectly, in the context of our needs and wishes. They remain advisers and caretakers of our plants till today. We highly recommend Cvetje Eli.

Urška Villar, Business Secretary Autocommerce d.o.o.

All flowers and the arrangements were perfect, we were both very happy.

Darko and Tadeja

I have no words that would describe our happiness and joy when we saw such exquisite flowers ready. You made our day even more special as it was.


Dobila sem sliko šopka in obdarjenka je bila zelo vesela - cvetje izgleda prekrasno! Najlepša hvala za vse.

Victoria, Anglija

Thank you so much. What a situation 🙂 Next time I´ll delivery myself 🙂 but I´ll pass first at your store for sure.

Patricia, Brasil

Just would like to THANK you for the successeful delivery. Roses have been appreciated a lot.

Angela Switzerland